Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stress vs. Relax 2...

      I finished my final exam on monday ( 21/12/09 ), so my trimester break suppose is 3 weeks, now become 4 weeks, muahahaha...but when I break, most of my friends from other universities balik campus edy...haiz...and I received a call from Mathan's friend, Tat Huei, he offered me a part time job as Nestle yogurt promoter during my break..sat and sun, rm60/day..ok ler tu..rezeki da depan mata, takkan nak is the time for me to earn money..and also it's time for me to relax..keh keh keh...

'Stress', bye bye!!



Relax : " Padan muka you 'Stress'! Kah kah kah! "


Stress : " I will come back, you idiot..."


  1. haha... nice....

    ko promote yogurt kat mane? boleh gi rempuh ko nye stall.... HAHAHAHA

    friday u goin?

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  3. Hi Pav, enjoyed reading your mixture of English and Malay, ha ha.
    Here's wishing you the very best of Seasons greetings. Have a happy new year, keep well. keep a song in your heart, Lee.