Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a morning...

      Today, I supposed to have class in the morning, 9am - 11am...so dengan semangatnya I woke up at 7.30am to print my notes, which I rarely do especially before morning class..keh keh keh...

      I reached MMU at 9am sharp..I mean at the main gate...from the main gate to the venue of my class, the walking distance is around 3-5 minutes..so I walked with fastest speed, as fast as I could...when I about to reach the venue, just few metres away from it, I met one of my classmates...she told me class is cancelled...I received a message from Weiying too, 'class is cancelled'..I was like..what the......why cancelled? because Foundation students are having their exam at our venue...this is what happen when their schedules are different with the diploma and degree students...at first I blamed my lecturer for not posting any annoucement in MMLS regarding the class cancellation matter..but my lecturer also tertipu..he did come to the class, then only realized the venue is using by others..so who should be blamed? the management division?

      Whoever it is...there's only one word came across to my mind...STUPID!


  1. Yeah really STUPID. But on the other hand, u get 1 day extra holiday ( if u dun hav any other class). Hehehe..

  2. haiz..disappointing...dpt relax lebih skit, then evening got class..

  3. hehe..its me. 1st time leave dwn comment on pav's blog. kk from 2day onwards i will rajin2kan myself 2 read all of our frens' blogs. neways back 2 pav's post..

    i actually like the word "class cancel" whn i'm in college time..its like "diiinnnngg..a lil sprinkle of fairy dust" esp if i hate the subject.. haha.. -kim-

  4. haha..ingatkan sape lar...nice to c u here! if i stay at ep or ixora, then i will happy lar..