Wednesday, December 2, 2009


      December...I like this month because this is the last month of a year...meaning that we still have few weeks to start a new year and new beginning...I guess most of the ppl like it coz of school holiday, semester break, christmas celebration...aku pula tersesat, still have to attend classes, assignments, then final exam..

      Among 31 days, I paling suka 2nd December..hehehehehe..that's the date the author of this blog was born 20 years ago..and today..ya, I da 20 years old...the 1st digit of my age, from 1 changes to 2...NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! somehow, I feel bersyukur coz I got the chance to live in this world for 20 years..some ppl don't even get the chance..thanks GOD..and thanks to my parents too..yang telah bersusah payah membesarkan aku selama 20 tahun..and I still remember someone said, when we celebrate our b'day, it indicates that we get 1 step closer to the should I feel happy? or sad? haha...

      Thanks to my friends for remembering my b'day..for wishing me...and paling tak sangka, I received b'day wishes from some of my PLKN friends yang da lama I nvr keep in touch with them...and I feel so bad..I dun even know when is their b'day..ya, nowadays kan da canggih, they can keep a reminder in their handphones..but still, I feel glad..they sanggup to put a reminder and spend few cents to sms lar, sape lar aku ni...I did celebrate my b'day yesterday...advance friends, thank u so much! eventhough they are busy with assignments, lab reports, robot competition, tired and dun get enough sleep, and have so many things to do...but yet they still willing to spend their precious time to plan an outing and celebration..I really appreciate it..and I did enjoy last night..later if I rajin, I will make a post about the celebration..btw, I also received an advance gift from someone who is very special to me... ahem ahem....sape tu??...keh keh keh...

      Other than me, I have a lot of close friends who celebrate their b'day in this month too...more than 5...and not to forget, my cousins too...

      So...I'm 20 years old now..and I hope I can be a better person..a more mature lady..hahaha..




  1. Happy 20th Birthday!! I'm glad that you enjoy ur big day. So.... u gonna tell me who izit? hehe..
    *wink wink*

  2. thanks eelin! if i tell the name, sure u terperanjat giler...keh keh keh..


    I say it b4, n i'll say it again... "OMG OSAMA!!!!"

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! All d best in everything.

    Im sure u'll find ur mr.right by next year :P

    From me and corbin.

  5. Vsia vsia..ko tak habis2 dgn osama ek..

    Chris..thanks for the wish! ye ler tu nex year..
    say thanks to Corbin ya!

  6. Wah!! Nt yet tell also i terperanjat edy. Hahaha.

  7. is becum a more fast lady .. wakaka